Aleutia launches the new M200 fanless Xeon® server in the UK

Completely waterproof with the reliability of a ‘no moving parts’ design

Groundbreaking silent and rugged server built for high temperatures

London, 15th August 2014: Aleutia, the UK’s only specialist in designing and manufacturing fanless, energy efficient, fit-for-purpose PCs, has today announced the launch of their new M200 fanless rack-mount server.

The M200 is a breakthrough technology; combining enterprise-grade performance for the first time with a sealed, waterproof, fanless design that can work in high temperatures.

Built for marine and challenging environments, the M200 is a fanless 2U (only 3.5” height) industrial server that provides enterprise performance and is able to run directly on 9 - 32V DC. This means that ships no longer require a space consuming AC UPS as the M200 can run directly on the ship’s 24V system and remote customers can operate from solar DC batteries. As with all Aleutia products it can also run on AC.

The M200 is sealed (making it waterproof - IP66), passively cooled, silent, and does not require any air conditioning - it can operate at full load at ambient temperatures of up to 45°C. This makes the M200 ideal for businesses, schools, and recording studios, where silence is golden and there is no longer the need for a separate air-conditioned server room.

The Quad Core 2.7GHz Intel® Xeon® E3 processor and 32GB 1600MHz ECC RAM combined with 8 x 2.5” Hot Swap SSDs and 4 Gigabit LAN ports ensures high performance computing in any environment.

A Hardware RAID solution provides Dual independent RAID 0,1,5,10 modes allowing data protection during boot, write-back caching and protection in event of power loss independent of the OS across all 8 drives. To ensure peak performance at very high temperatures, batteries for the RAID card have been replaced with a Supercap Module.

“By creating a server that is both silent and does not require any air-conditioning, we’ve moved servers from expensive data centres or dedicated server rooms into the office or any environment ”, said Mike Rosenberg, Founder of Aleutia. “We have already deployed this system to Finmeccanica, a huge defence company, who are using it on cruise ships.”

For more information about the new M200 server, visit

Why Tech Startups should Avoid BRIC and Embrace MINT Markets

Ignore the 4 largest emerging markets and focus on the 600m growth populations of Mexico Indonesia Nigeria and Turkey. 

Aleutia has customers in Brazil, Russia, India and China but here’s why this 

Apple can sell iPads and iPhones made in China back into that local market at 50% margin because they have billions worth of proprietary software development behind it and maybe Nike can because of similar marketing spend but no one else can. Unless it’s a highly integrated product (a Thyssen escalator, GE locomotive, Dassault jet) you will always face lower cost competition. 

India and Russia buy everything from China and NIH (Not Invented Here) mentalities are stronger here than anywhere else. We have requests all the time from India for our solar computers but the opportunities dissipate as even purchasing approval for a sample must be made at the highest levels. All samples end up being highly customised after involved discussions only to have radio silence after and learn it’s been reverse-engineered. Russian customs are extremely prone to unexplained 35% margins - your best shot is to have a personal courier take it on a BA plane in hand luggage. Fine for expensive network modules but not so nettops and servers. 

I can express ship a computer to a customer anywhere on earth except Brazil, where it can’t be delivered to an end-user but must be purchased and then resold through an authorised channel partner. 

By contrast Nigeria values Made in the UK and though cowboy clearance agents abound, even legitimate customs aren’t bad. We had a pallet of computers collected on Thursday afternoon from our workshop, loaded on BA flight Friday and cleared that night for only 11% duties. Our install of ICT at solar clinics outside Lagos was done by Monday since no one minds working weekends there. In so many ways Nigeria is a dream market. 

As London struggles to deal with the heat, here at Aleutia we’re always cool

3 Cool Ways Aleutia PCs Beat the Heat:

1) Surface Area
Just like your head and fingers stay cool on hot days (and need hats and gloves in winter), our computer cases maximise surface area to dissipate heat

2) Aircraft Grade Aluminium
We use 6000 series aluminium that transfers heat like crazy, keeping the computer nice and cool inside

3) Solid State Drive instead of a Hard Drive
Hard Drives get hot. Spinning around at 7200 rotations per minute (RPM) does that. We use Solid State storage in every product we make, so not only is there less heat but they’re completely silent… shhhh.

Find out more about our cool products here.

Embedded World 2014 - free entry for all!

As announced last year Aleutia will be travelling to Nuremberg, Germany in the last week of February for Embedded World 2014 (http: // to launch:

  • a new quad core fanless Bay Trail version of our best selling T1
  • the new R50, a high temperature fanless Intel Haswell i3 NUC system capable of streaming 4K video
  • a 2U sealed fanless Xeon Marine Server coated with a nano-tech film to improve water resistance and thermals

We can offer free entry to Embedded World for all our customers and suppliers - just get in touch at

Information on all of our products including a custom configurator can be found at http: //

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to all our customers and suppliers!

2013 was a very exciting year for Aleutia with some great projects, new products and company expansion. More is planned in 2014:

  • new and refreshed products based on Bay Trail, Haswell and Xeon motherboards
  • exciting hardware and software projects in the Education and Healthcare sectors
  • further expansion of the company and additional recruitment

The office will be closed for Christmas week and reopen in the New Year. You can still find out all about our products at and put together custom configurations. Enjoy the break and see you in 2014.

The Aleutia Team